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Rocketry has quickly become a new and engaging division within the UBCO Aerospace Club. We are currently working on a propulsion system for sounding rockets, with the purpose of atmospheric science research. 

Members of the Rocketry division are experimenting with hybrid rocket motor technology. This fairly new and exciting type of rocket motor uses propellants that are inert and safe in storage. This problem often plagues solid rocket motors of similar scale, as their propellants consist of toxic and explosive materials. Our hybrid motor burns HTPB rubber and is oxidized by nitrous oxide – both of which are easy to store and do not pose a safety risk unless burned together.

Our main objective is to construct a high-altitude rocket for the purpose of flying it at international competitions and to conduct research. We are planning on attending the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association's Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition in 2021. Held at Spaceport America in Nevada, this annual competition hosts over 200 teams from around the world and is widely recognized in university-level rocketry.

Spaceport Lead; Ryan Parisien

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