Meet The 2020 Executive Team

Our team features a group of dedicated students from a variety of disciplines at UBC’s Okanagan campus, all of which who share a passion for Aerospace! These disciplines include Engineering, Sciences, Computer Science, Management, and more. Our passion for Aerospace brings us together, motivating us to work hard and achieve the goals set out in all of our sub-divisions.


New members are always welcome and we

encourage all to ask questions.

Come get in touch!


Club President

Ian Johnston

Management - Year 4

Co-Founder & Advisor

Ilija Hristovski

Graduate Studies - Year 4

Screenshot 2017-08-03 09.01.20.png

Club Vice President

Felix Nordmark

Mechanical Engineering - Year 3


VP - Electrical Systems

Mike Ganzert

Electrical Engineering - Year 4

VP - Rocketry

Ryan Parisien

Geosciences - Year 3

Director of Social Media & Website Development

Georgia Chalmers

BioChemistry - Year 3

Director of the

Rocketry Division

Logan Isaak

Electrical Engineering - Year 3

Director of Asset

Management & Maintenance

Darren Evan

Mechanical Engineering - Year 3

Director of Flight Days

Harrison Meeres

Chemistry - Year 3

Director of Fixed Wing

Ivan Trifonov

Electrical Engineering - Year 3