Self Landing Rocket

Rocketry has quickly become a new and engaging division within the UBCO Aerospace Club. We are currently working on a propulsion system for sounding rockets, with the purpose of atmospheric science research. 

The Rocketry Division; Self Landing Rocket is highly encouraged for first years and is always welcoming new members. We are working on landing an ~8ft rocket under its own propulsion and can utilize members with a number of backgrounds no matter the experience.

COVID-19 permitting, and with some working of the design, we expect to test-fire the SLR motor in the upcoming 2020 fall semester. We also look to finalizing the design

to hopefully have the SLR a finished product to include in our vehicle fleet. 

We also love to test our regular 7ft Rocket for practice, and for new members to get involved right away! Come work with us, and explore your passion for Rocketry with our upcoming Self-Landing Rocket!

Message us for information. 

Director of Rocketry; Logan Isaak