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UBCO Aerospace Club has been a part of UBCO since 2015. We have learned an immense amount of knowledge from our years of experience, together as a club. Each person brings something unique to offer, and our goal-driven passion for Aerospace is undeniable. We look to develop future technologies for surveillance, mapping, data collection and more as we expand our ideas into the future.

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A Note From UBCO Aerospace:

Navigating through COVID-19 has introduced new challenges, but has also inspired new ideas.


We are excited to continue the 2022-2023 school year with new goals, bigger ideas, and a growing team behind us. Keep updated with our upcoming projects soon to be posted on our platforms. 


Interconnected Passions


The Competition Division is a diverse team working towards new annual challenges. With constant upgrades and new payloads, the competition division strives towards adaptability and innovation for useful technology that can be used in practical circumstances. 

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The SLR Division is designed for our first-year students engagement. With an obtainable project, the SLR allows for students to explore rocketry first-hand. 

The SLR is a new fleet vehicle and we're proud to share it, as well as our 7ft rocket launches for new students to explore the field and find their way to new projects!


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